Developed by Test3 Projects

Published by Paradox Interactive

Played on: Microsoft Windows

Also available on: MAC OS and Linux


A freak accident involving a long-range teleportation machine occurs on the planet of Medusa-1C. The planet is owned by the Militech Corporation, who produce both mutant and robotic soldiers as well as other armaments for various factions across the universe. But with this teleportation accident, a once prosperous planet is brought to its knees by pure chaos. The mutant soldiers stop taking orders. The facility AI’s go rogue, arming themselves and sealing off the exits. Everyone is on edge, and that’s when the killing began. Soon, you are the only human alive in the entire complex (or so you think). Now you must venture through the various areas in the production facility battling mutants, robots, and whatever is left of the humans that worked there, to make an escape off the wretched planet.

Teleglitch is a top down rogue-like shooter that has pixel art graphics, but at a much lower resolution than the norm. The Die More Edition of the game was released shortly after the original Teleglitch, adding in new content and changing some gameplay elements. Now you can only buy the Die More Edition so don’t worry about that part. This game is advertised as an action horror game, a title which it lives up to. The ten levels you explore put you in a mixture of open, overgrown courtyards and tight, decaying hallways. Your job is to guide your character from the starting location of the level to a teleporter that could be anywhere on the map. Since this is a rogue-like game, the location of the teleporter will always change along with the level layout and the location of various items. When you finally reach the teleporter at the end of each level, you will carry over all of your items from the previous level. The game gets significantly harder as you progress so you will have to use your equipment wisely to win.

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As you walk through the abandoned factories and research centers trying to find a way off the planet you will do battle with many foes. Mutants, zombies, and robots will harass you as you attempt to get off planet. You can dispatch of them using an arsenal of weapons you will find throughout the military hardware facilities. You may only start with a 9mm pistol, four small explosives, and four empty cans, but as you venture deeper in the facility, you will find assault rifles, shotguns, miniguns, and many other weapons. You will also find seemingly useless items such as empty cans, boxes of nails, and loose tubes. But these can be turned into high powered explosives, devices that detect enemies, and can upgrade your current weapons or be used to build new ones. Supplies are limited and you must ration what you have and think hard about items you combine with other items, because once you build something, you can’t take it apart.

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Crafting is done in the game’s inventory system. This is simply a vertical bar with the names of all the items you have with you. You craft by clicking the “c” key on your keyboard and the game shows you all the things you can craft. You then scroll through the options and click the item you want. You can reorganize your inventory by holding “e” and moving an item along the bar. This is all done during the gameplay but it works so well because you can move and shoot while using your inventory. This makes switching weapons and crafting items while in combat a breeze.

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Since you spend most of the game blowing enemies to pieces, how good are they at being deadly assailants? I’m glad I can say that the opponents in this game are highly intelligent. Each type of monster has it’s own group tactic. Mutants will wait and hide and ambush you in small groups. Zombies will rush you like a ton of bricks and attempt to swarm you, making a wall of decaying flesh you can’t escape. Robots will patrol the grounds and set security cameras to find where you are and coordinate search and kill teams. In addition to that, enemies will retreat and regroup when necessary. This is what makes the game scary. Most indie games that try to be horror games fail miserably. Teleglitch gets it right, with cramped corridors and silent rooms. Nothing is more terrifying than walking in a tight hallway and hearing the roar of a mutant come from behind you. Or when you hear a door open but see no one come through, then get ambushed by three androids on the other side. You’ll spend most of the later levels slowly walking with your gun drawn, waiting for an enemy to pounce. This alone makes the game worth the ten dollars you’ll have to pay. The complexity and tacticity of the AI is stunning for an indie title that looks like it was made on a low budget.

Story tends not to be important in top down rogue-likes. But with Teleglitch, story is everywhere. At the beginning and end of each level there will be a screen that details what the purpose of the specific area you are exploring, and in the actual area there are teleprompters that tell you how the teleglitch incident occurred and the chaos that ensued afterwards. The story is quite good and anyone into science fiction will enjoy it.

The atmosphere of the game is incredible. Without music and any voice acting the game is able to put you on edge. You only listen to the sounds of your footsteps along with the noise of emergency generators and doors opening and closing. The tension really builds as you hear the sounds of the enemy. You will be walking the facility on your own when you hear footsteps just like your own following you. Next thing you know the screen stretches in different colors as you engage in a firefight with a heavily armed robot. The combat is made frantic and tense with these small touches and it really keeps the game entertaining. Along with all of this is the way the levels are laid out. They are like mazes. No way seems right but you have to pick a direction. You don’t want to lure enemies down these mazes as you might run into a dead end and be hopelessly cornered as they rip you apart.

Now something I do need to say about this game, it’s absolutely brutal. You will be beaten and broken down and have no reason to push on, yet you will still stand back up and throw yourself at the game. The first few areas of the game may seem easy with enemies that take little damage to kill but later on you will encounter robots and mutants that take entire magazines from your machine gun to finish off. And keep in mind, they can kill you in a few hits. Even though this is probably one of the hardest games I’ve ever played it is probably one of the best as well. The game is fair and when you die it’s on you. The difficulty increases reasonably and I have yet to find a glitch in the entire game. That’s just a warning for those who may not like the idea of dying over and over.

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My only real problem with the difficulty of the game is how you start off at different levels. You can’t start at any of the ten levels you want, even if you have completed them. You have to advance four levels to be able to start two levels ahead (i.e. you need to get from level one to level five so that you can start a new game at level three. Then you need to get from level three to level seven to start on level five.) This can be frustrating because it seems asinine. Why not just let me start at the beginning of the next level I complete? Because the first three levels you have to deal with are easy to overcome with practice. It’s the last one that has the curveball that ends up killing you and sending you back to the start.

In the end, Teleglitch: Die More Edition is an excellent game. Mixing action and horror in a top down shooter mix is ingenious and perfect when done well. Whether you are running in terror from a horde of zombies or engaged in a tense firefight with robot soldiers, the game keeps things interesting. The easy crafting system makes combat quick and varied. I would love to see more from this developer. I think a sequel is in order to. I really wish this game had seen more press coverage when it debuted in 2015. A VITA version of this game would bring the action on the go. But we will never see such a beautiful idea unfold.

I am giving Teleglitch: Die More Edition a 9 out of 10


Insanely intelligent AI

Awesome combat

Creepy atmosphere

Great inventory system

Mixes Horror and Action and doesn’t screw up


Odd save game/start game setup

Where to buy:

(This link may help for those with newer computers)