Made by Infinity Ward

Published by Activision


Played on: PS3

Also Available on: Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows


Nazi Germany once ruled all of continental Europe. But as the Soviets defeat wave after wave of German divisions in Stalingrad, and the disastrous defeats in Sicily and North Africa to American and British forces, the stranglehold on Europe is about to break. With America, Britain, and Canada planning the largest amphibious assault in military history, and with Soviet tanks rolling into Poland, the Third Reich is on death row.


Call of Duty Classic is a remaster of the original 2003 FPS hit for seventh generation consoles. The game follows three groups of soldiers during the second World War. These three groups are split into three separate campaigns. The first is the American campaign, taking place in northern France. It follows a group of paratroopers as they try to disrupt German supply lines and support Allied forces landing in Normandy. The second is the British campaign, which follows a group of SAS operators conducting stealth missions deep within Germany to destroy important military installations. The final campaign follows an elite group of Soviet soldiers as they fight through both major battles and minor operations deep in Eastern Europe.

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Out of the three campaigns, my favorite was the American one. This is mainly due to the fact that the missions in the American campaign are diverse and action packed. You have missions where you take a town from German troops. Another mission where you have to defend a town from German troops. There is a car chase and a prison break mission, among others. The worst campaign by far is the British one. These missions are the same thing over and over. It was either defending one spot for ten to five minutes or raiding a German military outpost. The latter may sound fun, until you realize that the game sends you in by yourself to clear out an entire building. The British campaign feels more like a World War two version of Doom than it does a standard World War two shooter. Aside from these missions being repetitive, they feel lazy. It feels like the developers just slammed in these missions to pad out play time.


Finally, the Soviet campaign. At first these missions are packed to the brim with action, comradery, and the feeling of fighting in a large battle with missions taking place in Stalingrad, Kursk, and Moscow. Near the end though, the game falls back on the British style of missions. You are sent into large areas swarming with German soldiers by yourself and have to grab documents or something like that. The Soviet campaign is longer than the American and British campaigns, having eight missions instead of six. The extra two missions feel wasted however. They are tank missions in which you have to do battle with German armor divisions, all while avoiding anti-tank fire from ground troops to capture the last few towns held by the Germans in Poland. These missions boil down to poorly executed vehicular sections that feel shoved in just so the developers could have something Medal of Honor didn’t have.


After completing the three campaigns, you will have one extra mission for each country. For the Americans, it’s the Battle of the Bulge. For the British, it’s destroying V2 rockets sites in Germany. And for the Soviets, it’s the Battle of Berlin. The Battle for Berlin mission is by far the best with the American and British missions feeling weak in comparison.

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Story wise, the game follows the actual events of World War two, along with some fictional special operations. This decision is disappointing, mainly because the game completely skips over many important battles, such as D-Day, Operation Market Garden, the Battle of Rome, the invasion of Sicily, and actual tank battles that happened in the Battle of Kursk. Many battles feel under represented. The Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Kursk, Battle of the Bulge, and many other major battles only have one level dedicated to them. The game feels too stuffed with filler to actually represent World War two in any meaningful capacity.


As a remaster, the game had six years since it’s original release date. Even with the more powerful Xbox 360 and PS3, the game’s graphics look almost identical. I’m not much of a graphics guy, but to call this a remaster isn’t true.


The game even suffers from glitches. There are simply too many to count. I guess the most annoying and obvious would be the frame rate drops. The game runs at a constant 30 frames per second normally. But when aiming down the sights when there are multiple enemies on screen causes the frame rate to drop or sometimes even lock up the game for second. Not only does this make hitting the enemy harder, it also makes avoiding the enemy and trying to reorient yourself harder as well. Along with this are many other issues. While these issues are minor in comparison, I’ll still list them.


Sometimes your character will get stuck on a door frame or wall edge and can be glued there for a few seconds. While the enemy AI is well coordinated, the player’s friendly AI routinely sit behind cover and don’t advance, or will stand there while the player moves on and have to be teleported to the next checkpoint. Sometimes checkpoints save during the worst part of a mission (i.e. you are defending a location and you were on the artillery piece right before it blows up when the game decided to save.) Despite this being the newer version of an older game, it plays horribly. Either the programmers didn’t understand how to code for the seventh generation of consoles, or they didn’t care enough to learn and/or try.  

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In conclusion, Call of Duty Classic feels like a nostalgic cash in. The game spends far too much time having the player run through enemy hideouts in solo missions rather than giving the full on battles that we learn about in history class. But even then the game doesn’t work properly. Filled with bugs and glitches, and having no graphical or sound enhancement makes the game feel like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. This isn’t worth 20 dollars. It’s not even worth 10. Unless you can pick up this game for dirt cheap, I’d avoid it at all cost. While the American campaign and parts of the Soviet campaign are fun, the lackluster British and latter half of the Soviet campaigns really drag the game down.


I am giving Call of Duty Classic a 4 out of 10



Awesome opening and ending missions

American campaign has variety and action

Soviet campaign has its moments



Full of bugs

British campaign is a waste

Soviet Campaign could have been better

Many historical battles are underrepresented or omitted


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